one day in cdmx

A fond memory from about 1985. My danged stories.

I sometimes visited a friend in Mexico City. One day he took my by his grandmother’s place. My friend said he had to run out for a minute, so he left me there with her. He ended up being gone for four hours.

The elderly grandmother spoke little to no English, so it was a big language “workout” for me. She got out boxes of old photos that we looked at together for hours while she talked about them. I love looking at old pictures (even online to this day). She made snacks and tea. I smoked back in them thar days, and she’d come out on the patio to continue chatting while I sucked on my cigs. It was just luxurious: smokes, tea, snacks, and chat on a beautiful patio in Mexico City.

My friend came back and apologized profusely for the long absence which he said was unplanned and unavoidable. I told him that the time was wonderful and that I’d probably remember it forever. My Spanish vocabulary grew a ton because of his grandmother. Recalling that good time today.

I was highly oriented to clubbing in Mexico City back then, but sometimes it was OK to do other things.

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