oh the places i don’t go anymore

It was hard to let go of Mother Jones since I was an almost continuous reader of it since the 70’s. I let it go in the lead-up to the 2016 election. To me, it had become a dishonest clickbait machine.

I let Democracy Now! go earlier this year due to my perception that there is significant agenda to it.

Both can still have a decent moment, but neither gets my serious attention anymore. Gathering information these days is mighty tricky, but there is still some quality out there.

replace facebook with personal websites?

“the urge to post about their lives online”

I like this. To me, this is what it’s about. Documenting my mundane life and reading the same about others. Vain, stupid, glorious, whatever. I appreciate when people take the time to write a little something about themselves. Whether it’s Facebook or a personal website, as long as people are creating original content, I am interested. The downside is that Facebook and Twitter encourage frenetic retweeting (reposting) that is low value to me, though it’s part of the cost of using those platforms that many of us are willing to pay to hang with friends. For all its faults, WordPress has a great number of users that are documenting their thinking and lives, and they are often alone with it. It’s one of the places I like to dive deep.

I mostly don’t care if anybody reads my things, and some of the places I post, probably nobody does. Just the process of writing up something on a regular basis is often stabilizing and therapeutic to me.

Story link: We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites – Motherboard


I have sometimes hoped that someone would criticize my fluff posting with something like, “Don’t you ever work on the issues?” Then I could counter with, “The fluff posting might be a cover.”

Yes, the fluff is a cover, or this post might be a cover of cover.

fb cleanse

For the second time in two months I have scrubbed my Facebook wall. It’s in case I lose my GD mind over world gone mad. I’m ok on other networks, but FB feed triggers me. Twitter, WordPress, MeWe, VK don’t bother me. Who knows.

tumblr – flickr

Disappointing what is happening to Tumblr and flickr this year. It reminds me of the events leading to the fate of My Opera and WBS (Webchat Broadcasting System). 🔥

one day in cdmx

A fond memory from about 1985. My danged stories.

I sometimes visited a friend in Mexico City. One day he took my by his grandmother’s place. My friend said he had to run out for a minute, so he left me there with her. He ended up being gone for four hours.

The elderly grandmother spoke little to no English, so it was a big language “workout” for me. She got out boxes of old photos that we looked at together for hours while she talked about them. I love looking at old pictures (even online to this day). She made snacks and tea. I smoked back in them thar days, and she’d come out on the patio to continue chatting while I sucked on my cigs. It was just luxurious: smokes, tea, snacks, and chat on a beautiful patio in Mexico City.

My friend came back and apologized profusely for the long absence which he said was unplanned and unavoidable. I told him that the time was wonderful and that I’d probably remember it forever. My Spanish vocabulary grew a ton because of his grandmother. Recalling that good time today.

I was highly oriented to clubbing in Mexico City back then, but sometimes it was OK to do other things.