news that’s fit to print, all of it

I wake up, hit the browser for news, see a headline, and think to myself, “there’s yet another whole cloth fabrication by the New York Times.”

It turns out to be true for once, so I changed my morning mental chant to, “even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

slurp and smack

If you’re going to shovel food in your mouth and chew your cud close to the camera during a Zoom, you really ought to follow it up with a porn show. But after all that smacking and picking of the teeth, I wouldn’t be in the mood anyway. Nasty! 🤢

linux mint xfce

Whenever I install a new computer operating system, the main test is how fast can it open up that “special” directory with 20 thousand pics and other media files in it.

One must be able to page through the media without hesitation or hard drive thrash.

Of course, Vivaldi browser must be installed from the get-go. Happy!

scold me

The more scolding, finger wagging, and chest tapping I get from Internet virtuosos, the more time and money I give to the causes I love. Go ahead, bankrupt me. 😁

I like it!

terry jacks a lot

Goodbye papa, please pray for me
I was the oveja negra de la familia
We had joy, we had fun
We had estaciones en el sol
pero el vino y la canción
ya se fueron con el sol

it’s good eatin’

¡Han llegado los tamales navideños! 🎄

Totally blessed with some Christmas tamales from some dear friends. We’re eating like crazy over here.


Some free time this week, free from work, has allowed me to do some a few things:

— hang out at a meeting this past Sunday afternoon to learn some things and socialize

— take a dog to the groomer

— take another dog to the vet

— car oil change

— read my cul0 off

— upgrade the lovely Linux boxes

I like having an unplanned week. Maybe I can work in a tequila reset of the brain.