slurp and smack

If you’re going to shovel food in your mouth and chew your cud close to the camera during a Zoom, you really ought to follow it up with a porn show. But after all that smacking and picking of the teeth, I wouldn’t be in the mood anyway. Nasty! 🤢

scold me

The more scolding, finger wagging, and chest tapping I get from Internet virtuosos, the more time and money I give to the causes I love. Go ahead, bankrupt me. 😁

I like it!

terry jacks a lot

Goodbye papa, please pray for me
I was the oveja negra de la familia
We had joy, we had fun
We had estaciones en el sol
pero el vino y la canción
ya se fueron con el sol

it’s good eatin’

¡Han llegado los tamales navideños! 🎄

Totally blessed with some Christmas tamales from some dear friends. We’re eating like crazy over here.


Some free time this week, free from work, has allowed me to do some a few things:

— hang out at a meeting this past Sunday afternoon to learn some things and socialize

— take a dog to the groomer

— take another dog to the vet

— car oil change

— read my cul0 off

— upgrade the lovely Linux boxes

I like having an unplanned week. Maybe I can work in a tequila reset of the brain.

those healthy-eating word salads

I smile when some blank-profile keyboard warrior “word salads” an issue to lend credibility and appear to be intellectual.

It adds to the fun of sifting through the 5h1t. I’ve been a student of propaganda most of my life. I like it.

blocked again on facebook

I’m in Facebook jail again!

For the second time in a week, I’m blocked from my account. FB doesn’t like what I post, and all I post is garbage. Freakin’ kindergarten. The prohibited words seem to be “Russia” (last week) and “sodomy” (today).

I wish they’d save me the trouble and just delete my account. It would improve my life.

I’m liking MeWe and Mastodon more all the time.