bluegrass state

Q: I wonder if the capital of Kentucky is pronounced LEWIS-ville or LOUIE-ville?

A: It’s pronounced Frankfort.

(Brian actually heard this on a bus one time)


Other people handle issues better than I, so I do my thing, often using satire, irony, repartee, etc. Mad Magazine like. If someone labels me frivolous or fatiguing, I’ve done my job.

Lo hago con amor.

let’s play The Feud

Brian and I often enjoy Family Feud (TV show) while relaxing over dinner. It’s fun to shout out our own answers, sometimes quite vulgar ones. “Penis” fits with about anything.

A good question from the last show we watched:

We asked a hundred men, “what language would you like to secretly learn in 30 days to impress your spouse?”

I shouted out, “Urdu, Swahili, Navajo, Sign, Esperanto”.

The contestants played it safe with French and Spanish. You gotta try to win that Ford. 🚗 💰


If I could make a wish
I think I’d pass
Can’t think of anythin’ I need

couple o’bottles on 30 Dec.

The one on the left is a sweet one from Argentina. Really good. Finished it. The one on the right is from Spain. Both quite cheap yet enjoyable. Both I bought from Rioja! wine bar in Greensboro, North Carolina. I think that man tastes every bottle that he offers for sale. It’s close to impossible to buy a bad bottle of wine there.

New Age Ludovicus wine image
New Age Ludovicus wine

lies, so many lies

The first bag of PRE-SLICED Pepperidge Farm Mini Bagels I ever bought did not contain a single bagel that was sliced. This is the second bag. They are only sliced halfway through. I feel so lied to as a customer. 😬

Pepperidge Farm Mini Bagels image
Pepperidge Farm Mini Bagels


the compulsion

I’m sure everybody has been there. This is not new. I’ve had to silence a few on FB since last fall due to 18-hour-a-day compulsive Trump posting on the order of 50+ a day every day. I can’t look at that face all the time.

People can post what they want. I do. We’re all here voluntarily. My Opera community taught me that well.

the final day of AIM – AOL Instant messenger

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) will be taken offline this Friday, 15 December 2017. It has been years since I have used the service much, yet I have kept my handle in continuous service since 1998. That’s over 19 years.

AIM was able to give me a readout of the moment Brian and I joined.  See “Member Since” in the images.

ICQ was our first messenger in 1996. I still keep that one in operation, too. UIN #1564254

These days, people use services like Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, and others more.

daveydb aim image

reedplayer aim image

final aim team image